Understanding Your Contributions Dashboard

On an ongoing basis, you are responsible for submitting contributions for and managing deferral rate changes made by your employees. To accomplish this and more, you will use the Contributions dashboard.

To get to your contribution dashboard, log into your account and then from the Home Page:

  • Click on the “Contributions” tab to the left of your screen


From the Contributions Page, notice:

  • The “Next Pay Date”   is the date we are expecting you to submit contributions by. The pay dates are based on the schedule you provided when registering. Please note, that if you already started a contribution and didn’t finish it, you’ll find that contribution in the “History” section, and the next (not yet started) payroll date will appear here. 
  • The “Deferral Change” or “No Deferral Change” button - If your eligible employees submit deferral changes on their portal, those changes will show here; you must update your payroll records to reflect these changes from now on. We also send an email notification to you four business days prior to your next pay date, giving you time to implement the changes. Once you have accounted for the deferral change, be sure to click “Done.” This will help you to stay current on the deferral rates that your employees wish to have. Please note that if you do not have a set payroll schedule, we will not be able to send you email notifications. Therefore, you must review any deferral changes on your employer portal before each pay period.
  • From time to time, you may pay employees a bonus or some other compensation that is off-cycle from your regular pay schedule. If you do, you can use the “Other Action”  to select an “Off-cycle” contribution. You’d also use this feature if you did not set a regular pay schedule.
  • "Start Contribution" to start a new payroll submission.
  • The "Gear" to edit payroll and banking information.
  • The “History” reflects your past payroll submissions and their status, including any that have been started but have not been successfully completed. 
    • “Submission Started” - You have not confirmed; please complete.
    • “Processing” - You have confirmed the submission, but it has not yet been delivered (the processing time is usually about 1 business hour).
    • “Completed” -   The contribution has been delivered to the custodian.
    • “Missing” - A contribution is considered missing when it is seven business days past due.
  • “Employee Contributions - 2021” - This will show a summary of the total retirement savings contributions made by your employees in the referenced calendar year. This amount will include any contributions made directly by your employees into their IRA's so could be different than the amount of contributions that you deducted on their behalf.


History Section

  • History: Use the dropdown to filter by:
    • Last 30-days 
    • 90-days or 
    • Year-to-Date



Transactions: Use this dropdown to filter by:

  • All Transactions
  • Contributions
  • Off-Cycle 
  • Pay groups (if applicable)


  • Pay Groups: Use this dropdown to filter through your Pay Groups.


To view the submission details, click on the date in blue for the file you wish to review.


Then you will see the details of the submission:

  • Status: 
    • Submitted - but not yet completed
    • Processing takes about 1 hour; while a submission is processing, it may still be canceled
    • Delivered - you may still need to send a check or do your ACH Push
  • Employee contribution breakdown and total
  • Cancel button - If you cancel, you will need to start your contribution over


Other Actions - Off-Cycle Contributions submission: This may be used for any payroll contribution cycles that are not on your regular payroll schedule, e.g., Bonuses, or if you do not have a regular payroll schedule.



  • Resume - From where you left off 
  • Restart - From the beginning
  • Cancel - Deletes the submission entirely and allows you to resubmit 
  • Completed/Delivered - Once “Completed,” it cannot be canceled


You may also “Skip/Remove” a missing contribution if you have already submitted it via an off-cycle or if there was no one contributing for that pay cycle. A contribution is considered missing when it is seven business days past due.


We hope you found this article to be helpful; if you have any questions or need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out.